As a yoga teacher trainer with the experience of practicing yoga for more than 21+ years. I believe “Yoga” is more than asanas and meditation, while we come into contact with yoga primarily with the idea of physical practices. In the initials of my career, I was pleasantly surprised by the diverse set of lecturers and lecture topics: yoga anatomy, philosophy, history, teaching skills, ethics, sequencing, and much more. It was the all-new exploration that added my curiosity to pursue further education in yoga anatomy.

As well said “A candle losses nothing by lighting another candle”, I realized hoarding this knowledge of yoga will be a non-virtuous act and I decided to be the yoga teacher trainer. I have learned a lot as a Yoga Instructor Trainer. Every batch of YTT of new students is a new journey of learning and sharing. 

The moment I put my mat in the studio; I am a more sacred soul serving my community with all I have with me. I am pursuing my duty as a human by sharing my knowledge. I am me with irrespective of class strength of 1 student or be the 100 in number. I can visualize my growth from a newborn yoga follower seeking to show up and be seen to the yoga devotee who today just loves to be self and experience the silence.

In this journey, I have met many and few have been still and stable to add my growth and happiness amongst the one is my wife Poonam Patel. We together move on with our ideas for yoga and wellness services in our Life Spring Yoga . We serve various services like a yoga retreat, yoga therapies, yoga classes, etc.

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