The success of our yoga therapy teacher courses is the result of the devotion and Service of our Institute towards teaching yoga since 2007. Our Life Spring Yoga Institute is considered one of the prestigious institutions in Vadodara – Gujarat, India. The contribution of its faculty, students, and other staff have been noteworthy in this rapid growth.

Our Yoga Therapy Teacher Training Certificate Course covers the basics of yoga therapy educating the natural and yogic diets, deep understanding of anatomy, physiology, and treatment methodology. Our course cultivates the development of our students with ultimate understanding of the face as “every individual is unique” hence his body has unique requirements. Hence students learn to understand the needs and limitations of the subject first.

This course will be added advantage for the Yoga practitioners, Yoga Therapist, Physiotherapist, Sports Therapist, Fitness Instructors, and Practitioners.

Our Yoga Therapy Certificate Courses are

  • Tailor-made yogic practices according to the Body type and requirements.
  • Effectively address and heals an individual’s physical and mental ailments.
  • Includes a nutritious yogic diet program, change over in the lifestyle and helping to prevent addictions through yogic mindful living and meditative practices
  • Have a Philosophical approach
  • Develops the kindness and empathy with a service approach.