Life Spring Yoga Institute has become a cherished creation for both myself and my wife, Poonam Patel. Our journey with this dream began in 2007, driven by a pure desire to extend the wellness benefits of yoga to society. With over 21 years of experience as a yoga teacher trainer and therapist, Life Spring Yoga Institute has now evolved into a living testament of my personal voyage in spreading the transformative power of yoga.

Nestled in the south-east of Vadodara, Life Spring Yoga (LSY) has earned an impeccable reputation as the most trusted destination for Yoga teacher training courses in Vadodara. It fills me with immense pride to witness my students grow and carry forward the legacy of LSY, fostering wellness in their own unique ways.


As I reflect upon the growth and success of Life Spring Yoga Institute, I am filled with gratitude for the opportunity to impact the lives of countless individuals. The institute has become a beacon of light, attracting seekers from all walks of life, eager to embrace the profound benefits of yoga.

The nurturing environment of LSY has allowed students to flourish, not only as skilled yoga practitioners but also as compassionate ambassadors of wellness. Witnessing their journeys unfold and observing them take the teachings of LSY into the world is a source of great satisfaction and joy.

Together with my wife Poonam, I continue to nurture and expand Life Spring Yoga Institute, forging new paths in promoting physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Our shared commitment to spreading the wisdom of yoga remains unwavering, as we strive to empower individuals to discover their own unique path towards a balanced and harmonious life.